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Explore what a fulfilling career at Ramboll could look like for you

A career as unique as you are

Ramboll is a global engineering, design and consulting company with a mission to create sustainable societies where people and nature flourish. We’re proud that our foundation-ownership allows us to prioritise the things that matter. Our supportive culture, breadth of opportunities and approach to flexible working will help you enjoy a career as unique as you are. Find out how these aspects and more have shaped the careers of some of our current employees below.



Our people stories

Inspire and lead change
Kaya Patel talks about the opportunities she’s had to support the things she cares about: the next generation, and making a difference in society. Read more...
Growing up at Ramboll

Ann Gordon explains what has kept her challenged, supported and progressing at Ramboll for more than 18 years. Read more...

Making work work for individuals

Chris Stanley shares their experience of balancing family life, personal interests and career. Read more...

A supportive and inclusive culture

Find your professional home at Ramboll. A place where personal fulfilment meets professional excellence. We value the things that make you unique and encourage employees to shape their role to better align to their values, interests, ambitions, working style, and life outside of work. Discover a culture where everyone is respected and where colleagues inspire, support, challenge and celebrate each other.

Acting responsibly

Ramboll has always been a company driven by a sense of purpose and a strong set of values. We care about the impact we have and strive to act responsibly in all that we do.

Taking a people-centric

We believe that diversity inspires better solutions and that individuals should feel trusted, empowered and supported at work. This fosters a working culture that centres your wellbeing and advances equality, diversity & inclusion.

sustainable change

Our ambition to be ‘The Partner for Sustainable Change’, requires bold thinking, unwavering commitment and collective action. We invite you to be part of a team that is passionate about creating more sustainable societies. 

“The people at Ramboll are second to none”

Kalisha Sejpar talks about the colleagues who have nurtured her growth and the career-accelerating opportunities she has enjoyed. Read more...

“The culture is what makes me stay”

Andy Goddard outlines why Ramboll’s culture and commitment to sustainability and society are so important to him. Read more...

“The company’s values run through everything we do”

Trina Minchella talks about the way Ramboll’s culture, values and flexible working are helping her achieve more than she thought possible. Read more...

Professional development and opportunities

Ramboll employees break the mould when it comes to development. While we provide the tools and structures to guide your progression, we recognise that career paths are rarely predictable, and ambitions shift over time. By empowering our people to follow their professional interests, passion and curiosity, they are able to make the most of all the opportunities on offer.

Diverse opportunities

You’ll gain incredible experience through the exciting and ambitious projects we deliver around the world, as well as those of our employee networks. These include opportunities to pioneer new approaches, grow your network, exercise creativity, develop or refine your skills, or make a difference to people, communities and the environment.

Expert guidance

Whether in your day-to-day activities or your longer-term career ambitions, your line manager will encourage you to stretch yourself within a safe and supportive environment. Mentoring initiatives and tools like our annual development process, job family architecture and competency framework prompt regular reflection about your development and direction.

Learning and development

From our early careers programme to emerging talent development modules, advisory skills training and the management and leadership framework, we have dedicated learning for every stage of your career. And you’ll have access to thousands of online training courses to help you unlock new skills and interests and grow at your own pace, including Ramboll’s Sustainability Learning Universe.

“It’s changed the way I look at engineering and the impact we can make”

Kaya Patel talks about the development opportunities she’s had while supporting the things she cares about: the next generation, and making a difference in society. Read more...

“They understood my passion and found me wonderful opportunities”

Emily on her non-linear career journey and how Ramboll fostered her passion for digital design, enabling her to create and explore exciting opportunities. Read more...

“It has been quite a journey with lots of change and different experiences”

Ann Gordon explains what has kept her challenged, supported and progressing at Ramboll for more than 18 years. Read more...

Flexible and hybrid working

We know how important it is to achieve the right balance of where, when and how much you work. It’s why Ramboll employees have the opportunity to work their hours flexibly as standard and why our personalised approach to hybrid working helps you to discover the balance between home and office that works for you and your role. And if your preferences or circumstances change, you can agree adjustments at any point. 

What you can expect

We believe flexible working is good for our people and our business, which is why informal flexible working is written into our contracts and available as standard from day one. This means that small and ad hoc variations to working patterns require nothing more than simply informing your team or line manager about your availability.

Trust is key

Successful flexible working relies on the right culture. We champion a positive attitude to flexible working, where you and your line manager can trust each other to be honest, reasonable, respectful and timely in communicating around flexible working.

Our guiding principle

For any flexible working proposal, including more formal changes to when, where and how much you work, we will always explore how the arrangement can be accommodated while still meeting the needs of the business, our clients and satisfying our duty of care to you.

“Flexibility makes the world of difference to me”

Ruth Bush on using flexible working to spend time with her family without compromising her professional growth. Read more...

“It’s reducing my carbon footprint on the planet”

Christopher Stanley shares the personal, environmental and professional benefits they have discovered through flexible working. Read more...

“We’re empowered to work in the way that's best for us”

Kal Ali talks about the ways flexible and hybrid working have enabled him to invest in himself. Read more...

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