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Working towards a net zero, climate resilient future for all.

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Net zero definitions are changing

Our experts delve into the definition changes emerging from the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) consultation.


Net zero definitions webinar recording

Watch the recording - join Ramboll and Natural Capital Partners to understand what the changing definitions mean for organisations net zero targets. 


Practical routes to net zero in buildings

Watch the recording - we look into the net zero opportunity, unwrap the challenges & take an in-depth look at our approach. 


Ecosystem restoration

With the launch of the UN decade of restoration, we review ecosystems at risk along with Ramboll projects.


Digital building assessment

This tool advances the path to net zero, by identifying the lowest possible carbon solution at early stage design.


Highways England

Since 2006, we have supported Highways England on sustainability and environmental performance improvement.


Plan, build and perform

We offer advisory and technical services that support clients at any part of their net zero, climate resilient journey and across the lifecycle of a project. 


75 years after Ramboll became the first sustainable society consultant, the focus of our future legacy is to accelerate industry climate action. We are using our experience to help clients develop their net zero, climate resilient plans and build practical solutions that drive performance and lasting value.

We know that organisations are at different stages in the journey to implementing net zero, climate resilient measures into their plans and projects and that the solutions are typically complex. Our integrated teams of scientists, economists, engineers and digital experts bring a multitude of expertise and experience to support our clients in delivering on the climate imperative, in a way that delivers the most value and long term performance.

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Property developers, owners and managers

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Why is climate action important now?

As an industry, we need to address the climate emergency and take action now to be part of the solution.

Action is needed now because the next 5-10 years are critical to limiting temperature rise to 1.5 degrees. Organisations need to adapt. Not only to meet the net zero targets, but also to be profitable and successful in a climate impacted future.

At Ramboll we are here to help our clients navigate through these challenges and opportunities successfully, providing solutions best suited to your organisation


What is climate resilience?

Truly building resilience to climate change requires a comprehensive understanding of all the risks that climate change poses and the potential effects across the scope of businesses and organisations in the UK.

What is net zero?

The UK was the first major economy to set a legally binding net zero emissions target in 2019. The target requires the UK to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

Ramboll’s commitments to a climate resilient future

Climate action is at the heart of what we do as ‘the sustainable society consultant’. We are developing our own commitments in helping to build a climate resilient future for all. This is being prioritised across all aspects of our business; from meaningfully reducing emissions from our own operations, to increasing investment into solutions that drive climate resilient outcomes for our clients, through to helping our employees lead sustainable lifestyles. We are in the final stages of formalising these commitments, in line with science-based targets, and will be pleased to share them soon.

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"At Ramboll, we are using our experience to help our clients develop net zero, climate resilient action plans. And also to develop practical solutions that will drive performance and add lasting value". 

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