29.09.2022 | Design Offices Highlight Towers in Munich

Sustainability Forum 2022

Hear innovative ideas, take a dive deep into newly developed strategies and discuss with us the best solutions to creating a sustainable and climate-resilient future. 

Society’s need for sustainable transformation is broad and multi-facetted: Decarbonising, Circular Economy, ESG and EU Taxonomy are no longer niche topics, most managers/companies take responsibility and address today’s challenges proactively.

At Ramboll, we drive sustainable change through trusted partnerships with our stakeholders. That's why we have created an exclusive new event format, where experts from automotive, buildings and chemical industries discuss how we can collectively create an impact.

Ramboll´s Sustainability Forum will be held at the Design Offices Highlight Towers (Parkstadt Schwabing) in Munich on 29th September 2022. Join an exclusive circle of international sustainability experts of blue-chip companies, industry spokespersons, influential individuals of NGOs and institutions among others.

Key Notes and Podium Participants

Be part of the solution: How the automotive and transport industry gears up for net-zero

Achim Böckelt, Senior Expert Environmental Protection (BMW) 
“How EU taxonomy impacts the automobile industry” 
Daniel Kielhorn, Senior Manager, Strategic Sustainability Consulting (Ramboll) 
"Carbon Footprint & CO2 Roadmap – The path from the CO2 inventory to the reduction target"
Georg Bäuml, Head of Department Environmental Affairs Product Life Cycle Analysis LCA (VW)
"Decarbonizing Transportation through Electrification"
Thomas Sewald, Head of Group Environmental & Climate Protection, (Continental)  
"100% climate neutrality in the value chain by 2050 – ambition and implementation in Continental"
Key Notes and Podium Participants

Innovation and compliance: Decarbonization of Real Estate, Taxonomy and ESG

Jakob Stromann-Andersen, Director Innovation and Sustainability (Henning Larsen) 
"Digital craftsmanship! - New mindset for high-quality European Baukultur: bridging digital, craft and sustainability"
Johannes Kreißig, CEO (DGNB) 
"Carbon neutral buildings and sites"
Leoni Gros, Manager, Strategic Sustainability Consulting (Ramboll) 
"Taxonomy as strategic tool for corporate planning"
Nicole Alexander-Huhle, M.B.L.-HSG Lawyer/Partner (HEUSSEN Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH)  
"Sustainable Finance: Spotlight on legal practice – ESG disclosures in investment funds’ prospectuses and investors’ sustainability preferences"
Nima Soltani, Sustainability Architect (OFB Projektentwicklung) 
"Importance and Hurdles of taxonomy from the perspective of a project developer"
Key Notes and Podium Participants

Reuse, Reduce: Strategies for circular economy and sustainable deployment of materials and chemicals

Dr. Volker J. Soballa, Head of Product Stewardship, Corporate ESHQ (Evonik)
"The EU-Chemicals Strategy – an update"
Alina Marm, Head of Sustainability (Siegwerk)
"Moving from a linear to a circular packaging industry"
Timo Thunitgut, Sustainability Manager (Kelheim Fibres)
"The challenges of sustainability and circular economy on a transforming textile market"
Ferdinand Zotz, Principal, Ressource and Waste Management (Ramboll)
"Material compliance as key part of Circular Economy Projects"
Oktoberfest Visit

Let´s learn, get inspired and connected!

Following the Forum, we will be delighted if you join us at “Käfer Wiesn-Schänke” at the Oktoberfest. Extend your network in a relaxed environment, continue bilateral discussions, and enjoy traditional Bavarian cuisine and the unique atmosphere of the festival.

To be inclusive of international guests the event will be held in English. The access to the Forum and the Event is barrier free. If you have any handicaps that might prevent you from attending, kindly contact us so we can attempt to remove potential obstacles.

Safety and Corona
Those who know Ramboll know, that we like to start all meetings with a safety moment. It is very important to us that we all stay healthy. Our aim for this event is to spread ideas, not viruses. Therefore, we ask all participants to self-test for corona on the day of the event and stay at home should the test be positive or if they show any symptoms of a cold.
Should the dynamics of covid increase before the event, we reserve the right to increase safety measures and will inform all participants in advance.
At the Oktoberfest we will be seated at the roofed outdoor area, protected from the weather yet with plenty of fresh air.

We have invited the press to the Sustainability Forum and would like to cover this initiative on social media. If you don’t want to appear on photos, we can make sure that you don’t.

Climate Neutrality

We encourage all participants to travel by train to attend if the distance is manageable. Please let us know your travel distance and we will offset the emissions. Käfer Wiesn-Schänke is a certified climate neutral tent.


Ramboll takes a pro-active, zero-tolerance stance against corruption and bribery. This invitation is in no relation to any business that Ramboll and the participants are in or would like to engage with. If your own company compliance regulation might prevent you from attending this event, kindly contact us so we can define if your participation aligns with your in-house policy.