Social Sustainability

Social sustainability is about taking action to improve the well-being for all, while staying within the planetary boundaries and protecting human rights. Essentially working to have people and nature flourish.

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Social_Sustainability_wheel-1Empowering social change

In order to drive social change, policy makers and organisations must be able to understand the impact of their operations, products, programmes and policies. And we empower them to do so.

Helping organisations understand, improve and manage the positive and negative impact of their actions is a key component of our social sustainability advisory. Our approach is stakeholder-oriented, context-specific, and data-driven.

Explaining the social side of sustainability

The S in ESG. A third of the triple bottom-line. Regardless of how it's framed, organisations of any kind must advance their thinking and acting on the social side of sustainability.

In this video, we build the case for social sustainability and have two of our experts explain why this topic is vital in addressing a multitude of global challenges.

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3 Actions to put Social Value at the Heart of Urban Transformation

In the very concrete world of urban transformation, we need to get specific about sometimes fluffy social value. In this article, our social sustainability experts highlight 3 actions you can do to make social value an integral part of urban transformation projects.

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Climate Policies: How to ensure a Just Transition

In the short-term, the distribution of benefits and costs of climate policies will be unequal between households and income groups, leading to both winners and losers. In this article, our experts provide policy makers with key mitigating actions to ensure a more Just Transition.

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What is your real Social Impact?

We’re living in a volatile time, where the consequences of climate change and conflict are pushing us to examine how we live and do business.

Yet most companies lack clarity about the ‘S’ in ESG – their social impact.  What is it, why does it matter, and how can it be improved?

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Leave no one behind:

Delivering social impacts

At Ramboll we deliver strategic advisory empowering public and private sector clients to improve social impact and proactively drive social change.

Change that supports safe and good lives for all, leaving no one behind. Hit the link below to learn more in our new capability statement.


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The social impacts of climate mitigation policies

We helped the European Environmental Agency uncover the social impacts and inequality outcomes of climate mitigation policies. If not addressed properly, energy efficiency and the promotion of renewable energy sources in the EU will put additional pressure on low-income households. 

Ensuring equal opportunities for everyone

As an increasingly international city, Ulm, Germany, defined diversity as one of its main fields of innovation. Ramboll helped them to develop an up-to-date, contemporary diversity concept that helps to reduce unwanted barriers, improves living together, and ensures equal opportunities for everyone.

Happy homes for people

With our homes being a central driver of happiness, a cross-expertise team from Ramboll, Henning Larsen, and The Happiness Research Institute has been investigating what domestic surroundings really mean for people’s well-being - and how the physical and architectural design influences happiness and potentially creates 'Happy Homes'.

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Business Manager and Expert in EDI and Corporate Social Impact.

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"Social sustainability is all about managing and improving your impact on people and communities"