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All in on sustainability

Ramboll announces new strategy, staking our claim as The Partner for Sustainable Change.

With our new strategy for 2022-2025, we make bold commitments and actions to align our business across four unifying sustainability themes. In this newsletter, we also explore circular solutions to the buildings sector’s carbon and resource use problems.


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By 2025, we are aligning our portfolio to drive decarbonisation at scale, enhance climate resilience and liveability, ramp up circular approaches, and preserve nature and biodiversity – for the benefit of clients and planet.

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A strategy that puts planet and people first

“Over the last strategy period Ramboll has grown 35% and built a very strong sustainability offering across our markets. We now take the next step and go all in on sustainability to meet the fast-growing need from companies and societies for advice on how to transform sustainably. Our main contribution is to translate overall ambitions into concrete solutions that are truly sustainable and help our clients address the dilemmas that are inherent to the transition.”

Jens-Peter Saul
CEO, Ramboll

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Circular buildings shouldn’t be a hard sell

A new report sheds light on the missing link between the value-add of circular buildings, and the embodied carbon status quo.

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Don’t judge a brick by its cover

How much CO2 goes into producing a brick? To answer that question – and reduce embodied carbon by as much as 30% through best in class materials – more data is urgently needed.

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In case you missed it:

Ramboll reaffirms green data centre ambitions with new acquisition

Ramboll has acquired the US-based consultancy EYP Mission Critical Facilities, with ambitions for 100% renewably powered, zero waste data centres.

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