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Is 2022 the year of sustainability?

A new year is here, and we turn our attention to the key trends that will shape 2022.

More and more small-and-medium size enterprises commit to science-based climate targets. New EU rules aim to channel almost €300bn public and private sector funding into sustainability. And what do record-high carbon prices mean for the green transition? We unpack that and more below.


Four steps to decarbonise your business

More SMEs than ever are joining the race to net-zero. Our sustainability expert Niki Bey from Ramboll Management Consulting shares his best practice tips for how your business can reduce emissions.

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Researcher wins Ramboll prize for Power-to-x breakthrough

The €67,000 prize will help scale Anne Lyck Smitshuysen’s electrolyser research, paving the way for far cheaper green hydrogen.

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Why the EU carbon price doubled in 2021

The EU carbon price reached record-highs in 2021, with the price per tonne of carbon under the EU ETS scheme more than doubling from €33 in January 2021 to more than €80 by December (Source: Ember). 

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Anders Nimgaard Schultz, Director, Power-to-X & Gas Infrastructure:

"The higher carbon price is in large part driven by higher gas prices. More expensive gas has increased the use of coal, but because coal emits more CO2 than gas, the request for carbon credits increases which drives the carbon price up. In other words, the rising carbon price is a sign that carbon emissions are actually going up," says Anders Nimgaard Schultz.  

"If carbon prices stay at a high level for longer time it will make it more beneficial to construct renewable energy and implement carbon capture."




A water-shed moment for sustainability investments?

The new EU Taxonomy went into effect 1 January 2022. Meant to unlock billions in sustainable finance, here’s what the new rules mean for your business.

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