We need to halve embodied carbon in new buildings

To do this, more data and robust carbon budgets are needed. Four new Ramboll reports show what policymakers and the buildings industry can do right now to take action. 

We also bring you on a world tour of Ramboll's leading sustainability solutions in partnership with clients - from the shores of the United States to the Danish electricity grid.


Where the carbon dog is buried

In new buildings, 70% of the carbon cost is paid upfront. New Ramboll research in partnership with the Laudes Foundation sheds light on how to build cleaner and more sustainably.

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Why did Ramboll's emission drop?

“During the pandemic we travelled less, and we worked from home rather than in our offices, leading to a sharp drop in emissions. 2021 was also a record revenue year for Ramboll, proving digital collaboration adds value for both climate and bottom-line.”  

– Neel Strøbæk, Senior Group Director for Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility, Ramboll

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Is US wind ready for take-off?

The United States aims for 30 GW of offshore wind by 2030 - up from 42 MW today. Meet the second-ever US windfarm, set up open in 2023. 

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... And are we ready for wind?

By 2035, Denmark's energy consumption will double. As more green energy comes online, Ramboll is helping to make the grid fit for a new age. 

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Continue the tour in our new annual report

We work in the green energy transition. But also in water, buildings, low-carbon transport and more.

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17-21 April

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Event: IPF offshore wind conference

26-28 April, Atlantic City, US

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Webinar: Science based approaches to embodied carbon, with the Laudes Foundation

26 April

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