North Tees and Hartlepool, UK

NHS Foundation Trust

The special circumstances around caring for COVID-19 patients and the altered shift schedule required for new rest areas. The organisations provided, for example, touring busses that were out of use due to COVID-19 restrictions. These buses, which normally function as a ‘hotel on wheels’ for bands touring the country, now provided a quiet space for staff to rest, eat a snack and facilitate recovery. To make it as easy as possible to receive help, mental health support was at the front line so that the barriers to ask for help were reduced. Senior staff also made regular ward visits to be available for staff. To provide another means to ensure that a dialogue between staff and the organisation was ensured, an app called ‘Listening in Action’ was launched so that staff could provide feedback. However, although these measures were implemented, the organisation emphasised that when working with staff, well-being is a long-term initiative that is equally important after the acute phase of COVID-19.

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