To provide a broader overview of strategies to increase the psychosocial well-being of healthcare staff, a recent narrative review of existing research has been published, and the following strategies have been highlighted [1]. Seventeen strategies have been included that can be conducted by the individual employee (e.g., exercise, reflective counseling or mindfulness practice), organised with the help of the organisation but performed by the individual (e.g., sleep hygiene, computer-based resilience training or battle buddies) or conducted by the organisation and address organisation-related factors (e.g., reflective counseling, effective leadership, staff feedback sessions).


[1] Heath, C., Sommerfield, A. & von Ungern-Sternberg, B. S. Resilience strategies to manage psychological distress among healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic: a narrative review. Anaesthesia 75, 1364–1371 (2020)