Local: UK

Northamptonshire Healthcare (NHFT)

In Northamptonshire Healthcare (NHFT), United Kingdom, the trust created an IT-system that could help them with the coordination and overview of medical supplies in the county trust.

In March when the first wave of the pandemic hit the UK, the NHFT curated an innovative IT-system to create an overview of stock and the distribution of Personal Protective equipment to all clinical and nonclinical personal across the county-wide trust, where it was needed.

The system enabled administrative personal and healthcare workers to monitor stock levels and allocate and distribute PPE across the trust. The system was based on the UK governments ‘push model’, which allows to pull robust data on medical supplies. The data can quickly be pulled as a report to efficiently manage PPE distribution and if required, recall products. It also gave employees across the trust a possibility to report changes to the inventory and secure the accuracy of the system.

The system is easy to use and gives accurate data and up to date information, allowing for quick access to data or making a request for PPE from other areas of the trust, with a higher stock level. So far, the IT-system has been applied across four counties and helped distribute more than 2,5 million pieces of PPE[1].


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