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All eyes on COP26

This issue arrives during the COP26 global climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland. It’s the last best chance for governments and businesses to take meaningful action to curb carbon emissions and halt global warming at 1.5°C. Low-carbon, inclusive and liveable societies in harmony with nature, will be front and center of the transition.

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COP26 negotiations

The road to net zero runs through COP26

Billed as the “COP of action”, the UN climate summit in Glasgow is a make-or-break opportunity for governments to deliver deep and lasting reductions to global carbon emissions. Here’s why it matters for businesses.

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Ramboll CEO Jens-Peter Saul is interviewed by TEDx Glasgow’s Gurjit Singh Lalli outside the COP26 conference center (Credit: Ramboll)

Will COP26 deliver?

A team of Ramboll experts is monitoring discussions at COP26 and offering summary comments and reactions to the negotiations. Here are some key takeaways of the impacts for governments and businesses alike.

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Action for 1.5°C


Hydrogen and electrofuels enter the stage

The switch to green hydrogen and electrofuels is starting now and will dominate from 2030 and onwards. Power-to-X expert, Eva Ravn Nielsen looks at storage and production options, and uses.

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Building energy islands in balance with nature

Two energy islands linked to offshore wind farms will help Denmark achieve ambitious climate goals. What is less clear, is the impact the energy islands will have on surrounding nature.

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Research shows the business case for circular buildings

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development, together with Ramboll as Lead Author, is delighted to share a research report that articulates the business case of pursuing circularity in the built environment.

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