Becoming the Partner for Sustainable Change in Asia Pacific

Home to two-thirds of the world’s population, the Asia-Pacific region is a vast, rich landscape of diverse ethnicities, cultures, religions and politics. It is vibrant and dynamic, a multi-geographical hub of industry that drives rapid economic development and urbanisation, affecting population growth alongside business and consumer needs, the environment and society.  
Such accelerated development and prosperity raises the need of better resiliency for people and place in the face of an adverse climate. Where economies have heavily levied on the earth as an energy source, greener and cleaner alternatives have to be a consideration. Limited unreplenished resources warrant a wider push for effective management, and more circular ways of thinking and action. All these set within a context of a present-day generation that demands not only increased liveability but also wellbeing and a connection to nature. 
No one entity can bring the breadth of capabilities needed to solve the complexities of these myriad challenges. This is why in 2022 Ramboll has undertaken a huge transformation as we integrate our best teams across Asia Pacific to bring to our clients and stakeholders strategic benefits, and an enviable competitive advantage in the market. We will identify ourselves through this transformation as a consolidated and enhanced brand, a force for the common good united in its purpose and message to become the region’s Partner for Sustainable Change.

Who we are

Learn more about what sets us apart as the Partner for Sustainable Change 

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People at the heart of sustainable change




Our journey so far...

  • Ramboll established our Asia-Pacific presence in 2014 with our first Singapore office
  • With the 2015 acquisitions of Environ and Atelier Dreiseitl, that presence was strengthened in environmental consultancy and landscape design markets
  • International renown and industry-leading expertise combined to set a new benchmark for a broader range of services in the region
  • Building its presence in Asia Pacific, Ramboll acquired Vertix Asia-Pacific and Web Structures in 2018 and 2020
  • Leading consultancies in smart mobility and transport planning, and building design and engineering respectively
  • Bolstering Ramboll’s global team of experts, bringing skills and talents unique to the region
  • Also bring deep local knowledge and multicultural experiences that enhance Ramboll’s value proposition in APAC   
  • Future-forward and creative mindsets coupled with strong people values a great fit for the Ramboll brand
  • In 2023, these firms become fully integrated into our brand and we look forward to creating more opportunities together as One Ramboll
  • Expect the same level of service and quality enhanced by our strong Nordic heritage of more sustainable societies and support from fellow experts worldwide