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Americas Biodiversity Metric

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The Americas Biodiversity Metric (metric), developed with support and guidance from NatureServe, is a free biodiversity quantification tool designed to measure the biodiversity value of sites across the Americas. By evaluating biodiversity value, the metric can be used to inform and enhance decision-making processes for land use planning, design, development siting, and land management. It can also be broadly applied to help organizations, businesses, governments, and other land-managing entities quantify and reduce impacts and deliver no net loss or net gain in biodiversity on their lands.

This first release of the metric focuses on habitats in the Northeastern US including New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, with the anticipated release later this year of the remaining US and Canadian habitats, as derived from the International Vegetation Classification (IVC), US National Vegetation Classification (USNVC), and Canadian National Vegetation Classification (CNVC) systems. The metric is underpinned by select Ecological Integrity Assessment (EIA) criteria developed by NatureServe.

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