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EU-level technical guidance on adapting buildings to climate change

Project Background
The European Commission is committed to supporting the integration of climate-resilience considerations into the construction and renovation of buildings. A key part of this is equipping industry actors with the technical climate adaptation guidance they need to support this objective.

To act on this, the European Commission has initiated a study to collect and synthesise existing methods, specifications, best practices and guidance for climate-resilient buildings into a technical guidance document that can provide practical advice for professionals and be referenced or used in different EU policy documents.

Project Output
The output of the project is directly relevant to different types of actors involved in building construction and renovation and  covers the different project stages, climate hazards and climatic zones.

The technical guidance was developed in cooperation with key actors within the construction industry, as it is of the utmost importance that this document is directly relevant and easily applicable to them. The study team consulted with stakeholders and experts at EU and national levels to collect information and insights to support the development of the guidance.

The output of the project is a practical and accessible EU-level guidance on adapting buildings to climate change on the five strands shown in the figure below.

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The project was carried out by Ramboll and CE Delft.

Overview of the project methodology and key project stages

The study started in December 2021, and it ran until December 2022. The key project stages are presented here:

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The study included a series of stakeholder consultation activities to engage with actors within the construction industry.

This was to ensure the quality of the outputs; that they reflect the current state of knowledge on resilient buildings; that they are relevant and applicable to all the different actors that form part of the construction industry ecosystem; and their wide uptake.

Project report

You can download the Technical Guidance for adapting buildings to climate change, including a separate Best Practice Guidance, via the links below:

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